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BAMLEE products made from natural material are now widely penetrated among various customers. Taking all opportunities, they are used for various packs and containers of lunches, cakes, souvenirs and others. Those marvelous visual impression and hand-made flavor make customers keep them after use. " 100 % natural material made" and " Re-usable" are just the remarkable benefit of BAMLEE ECO products. That's why they are utilized in many ways other than food containers like gifts and miscellaneous goods.  
  Box lunch
21 century camp lunch
JPY 1,000 (Incl. tax)
Art no. TY-6H (180x120x50mm)
Selling region JR Tokyo station
Happy lunch
JPY 1,300 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Bamboo container - customized
Selling region JR Tokyo station
Travelling Buddhist lunch
JPY 880 (Incl. tax)
Art no. NTYO-2 (180x120x50mm)
Selling region JR Takamatsu station
Chicken & soy sauce lunch
JPY 580 (Incl. tax)
Art no. MYN-6H (180x120x50mm)
Selling region Nara prefecture
Puffer-roll sushi lunch
JPY 1,350 (Incl. tax)
Art no. MSYN-4H (220x90x40mm)
Selling region Fukuoka airport
Different three rice balls
Art no. Bamboo pattern printed paper container PTY-163-0 (163x111x35mm)
Selling region Hiroshima prefecture