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BAMLEE products made from natural material are now widely penetrated among various customers. Taking all opportunities, they are used for various packs and containers of lunches, cakes, souvenirs and others. Those marvelous visual impression and hand-made flavor make customers keep them after use. " 100 % natural material made" and " Re-usable" are just the remarkable benefit of BAMLEE ECO products. That's why they are utilized in many ways other than food containers like gifts and miscellaneous goods.  
Box lunch Rice balls (Light meal) Cakes Souvenirs
Assorted pickled vegetables
JPY 1,050 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Mochiku container MSYN-4H (220x90x40mm)
Selling region Sendai station
Pain de mie

JPY 368 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Woody tray STT-01F (200x130x70mm)
Selling region Akasaka
Boiled rice in hot tea Kyoto style
JPY 525 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Bamboo skin container TEY-3H (θ120×30mm)
Selling region Nagoya station
Deluxe three kind of Shaomais
JPY 1,350 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Steamer container BSY-2H (θ120×50mm)
Selling region Chinatown Yokohama

Kama-age noodle
JPY 1,000 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Bamboo tray BTS-4 (240x160x20mm)
Selling region Miyazaki airport
Nasu fermented soybeans
JPY 500 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Bamboo skin pressed container TPY-3H (197x121x35mm)
Selling region
Edible wild grasses set for Kama-meshi
JPY 730 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Green basket M (190x80x125mm)
Selling region Dangosaka Service Area
Boiled Matsusaka-beef with lotus root
JPY 700 (Incl. tax)
Art no. Natural bamboo skin
Selling region Nagoya station