Rice balls ONIGIRI Supporters Committee

We are ONIGIRI supporters
Onigiri, it’s one of the most popular cousin here in Japan.
Onigiri represents full of genuine features of rice, and can harmonize with every food material incredibly as well.
It enables us to enjoy full of four seasonal taste ---.
We are strongly going to promote ‘ life Style Communication Project” which intends to expand wonderful Japanese food culture and lifestyle to the world through wide introduction of Onigiri.

Tasty looking “ONIGIRI“ – What is it ?

…. What do you imagine for a question above ?
It may reminds you of “a full of delicious handmade rice ball” or a fresh rice ball choosy about good “ Rice” and “Nori – laver” ? Now, what is the most suitable wrapping material for rice balls ?
--- We are “ONIGIRI Supporters Committee” who is distributing valuable information on the best material from a viewpoint of not only visual effect but also functionality and conveniences, focusing on “Bamboo Skin, the most classical best”.

How about this promotional campaign, for example ? “ B Class Gourmet” vs “ Providential Cuisine” SPECIAL !! ~ New style ? or Traditional ? ~

Do you know “ B class gourmet” ? This segment is a treasure house of national big hits under many creations and launching of new food products booming with it today. So, the campaign promotes varieties and enjoyments of Onigiri together with introduction of nostalgic providential cousins and topical B class gourmet. Against sluggish society nowadays, it will help to restore it to lively days with appealing fantastic Japanese “primitive foods”, focusing on Onigiri, typical Japanese snack.

“NATURAL” IS THE BEST ! to maximize the deliciousness of Onigiri

We appreciate these kind of frequent customer comments. Natural material is versatile in functionality and utility, not inferior than highly advanced industrial material . It’s really the best to encourage rich taste of rice balls in many ways.


1. Mirowave oven possible! (For wide functionality)

Microwave oven and freezer resistant. Steaming is also possible for bamboo skin itself.
Characteristic wax like tissues of bamboo skin makes it possible.

2. Great help for anti-deterioration!! (For wide utility)

Natural material is composed by numerous fibers which contribute to enough ventilation. This benefit helps
continuous circulation of fresh air, which can bring complete ripening effect for a fruit enveloped inside.

3. Moisture sustainable, Water abosobable!!!

Moisture absorbing and sustaining characteristics are another advantage of natural material.
Perpetual air circulation through the material helps to absorb and compensate excessive and less water
respectively. Rice inside is always maintained in well condition to keep good taste accordingly.


It’s truly rare kind of packing material to promote genuine and high quality feeling visually.
The unique atmosphere created by them will be able to contribute to strong advertisement of your shop.