BAMLEE is the super quality brand of various type of food container solutions made by natural material using bamboo skin, wood and paper. Diverse original products keeping own natural flavor have been continuously delivered.

08/01/2014 BAMLEE SELECTION VOL.13, annual catalogue 2014, was published.
01/09/2013 Innovative SASA CONTAINERS made by natural bamboo leaves, was launched.
13/08/2013 Innovative containers made by natural bamboo leaves, historically the first success, are launched ( Early Aug.) 
01/02/2013 BAMLEE SELECTION VOL.12, annual catalogue 2013, was published.
04/12/2012 Our company was introduced on " Smile to the Earth", in "Chugoku Report in season ",
PR magazine of Chugoku Economy, Trade and Industry Bureau.
Bamboo fine chemicals (Part 3) ◆Make the best use of bamboo skin◆
16/11/2012 Exhibited in Chugoku Shikoku Environment B-net Forum 2012
05/11/2012 Akira Matsumoto gave a lecture in Joint Seminar by Ryukoku and Doshisha Universities with his theme, "Challenge the second life with bamboo skin"
14/10/2012 Appeared on " Chase the dream maker, Okayama business selection 2012"
broadcasted by RSK Sanyo radio.
01/02/2012 BAMLEE SELECTION VOL.11, Annual catalogue 2012, was launched.
'17/08/2011 Added new information on Press Release
'01/07/2011 Company Information was updated.
'25/06/2011 Leaf Products was updated.
'12/05/2011 Wood Products was updated.
'27/04/2011 Bamboo Products was updated.
'07/03/2011 Paper Products was updated.
'02/03/2011 Bamboo Skin Products was updated.
'06/01/2011 New Catalogue was launched ! Click Here
23/11/2010 "ONIGIRI Supporters Committee" was organized.
'14/03/2010 BAMLEE Products was on air, TV ASAHI "Earth Planet Restaurant"
Rice balls ONIGIRI Supporters Committee