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Matsumoto Corporation is a pioneer in bamboo skin food containers.
We offer eco-friendly, natural-looking bamboo containers, bamboo skin containers, paper containers, and wooden products.
We offer the best packaging for catering and deli/cafes.
BAMLEE products are top quality brands that are environmentally friendly and ahead of their time, The BAMLEE circle is a circle that extends around the world, protecting people in affluence.


Our company been dealing in bamboo hides for more years.
In our country, Japan, bamboo hides have been used to wrap and transport food since the Kamakura period.

Until the rise of supermarkets and the replacement of most packaging with plastic, bamboo skin was widely used as a food wrapping material, and is still used today for rice balls, chimaki, meat, etc.

A single piece of bamboo skin has many functions steaming, warming, freezing, breathability, and antibacterial, making it a wonderful natural material that cannot be achieved with man-made materials.

Using this material, we have manufactured original bamboo skin containers that are even easier to use and more user-friendly in design, and they are now widely used as containers for station lunches and confectioneries throughout Japan.

We are currently developing a container that is a further evolution of the bamboo skin container.

We believe that it is our major role to inform everyone about the benefits of natural materials and let them know how to utilize them.

Our ideal is "a business that does not compete with other companies," and we focus on product development, including the commercialization of paper and plastic containers as original containers.

In recent years, we have been working with the government and welfare facilities to maintain abandoned bamboo groves, and have started manufacturing and selling "bamboo powder" as a soil conditioner by crushing the bamboo thinned in those groves and fermenting it with lactic acid.

We would like to actively promote the business of bamboo bark and bamboo.
We would like to continue to be a company that always co-creates with the themes of "environment" and "welfare.


Akira Matsumoto, President and Representative Director

Akira Matsumoto
President and Representative Director

head office

Company Profile

trade name Matsumoto Co., Ltd.
head office 3131 Abe, Ochiai-cho, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture
TEL 0866-22-5511 FAX 0866-22-5512
headquarters 424-35 Iijima-cho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 045-895-2887 FAX 045-895-2884
Tianjin Matsumoto Packaging Products Co., Ltd. (Local subsidiary in China) China Tianjin
founding March 1954
Establish January 8, 1989
Share capital 10 million yen
accounting period June
Akira Matsumoto
Senior Managing Director
Masaru Matsumoto
Managing Director
Daisuke Matsumoto
Managing Director
Satoshi Matsumoto
Hatsumi Matsumoto
Kumiko Sasaki
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