Bamboo skin ProductsBAMLEE

The appeal of this product is its material and unique atmosphere, which are not found in other products.
The shape is also not right-angled, easily conveying a sense of handmade, simplicity, and gentleness.
The traditional yet popular material is a long-selling item loved by all and can be used for a wide range of purposes, and no matter what you put in it, such as lunch boxes, sweets, or souvenirs, it will fit right in and leave a memorable impression.


Bamboo skin Hybrid Productshfour

An evolutionary product that adds convenience and a sense of security while retaining the feel of the material.
The exterior is made of natural bamboo skin.The inside is made uniform by laminating and pressing paper.

It can also be easily disassembled after use, contributing to the reduction of waste at the time of collection.
This is a "container for the customer" that was born from many interviews with the aim of reducing the burden on users who are pressed for time.


paper productsEpic

The lineup is full of ideas, centering on bamboo skin patterns.
Especially, we have devised "playful" ideas under the themes of "inventory compression" and "waste reduction.
We have a wide variety of concepts and sizes to meet the needs of all types of businesses. The lineup is centered on the universal material, bamboo skin pattern, which has an impact but also gives off a cute atmosphere.


wooden productsBAMLEE

We have a lineup of products that make the most of the characteristics and unique expressions of wood such as paulownia (paulownia wood), which is luxurious and antiseptic, yang (Japanese boxwood), which is soft, white, and beautiful, falcata, which is fast growing and light, and pine, which is antiseptic and has a beautiful grain.
These products are familiar to customers who have seen them before in a wide range of applications such as cutlery, take-out, and gifts.


Bamboo ProductsBAMLEE

Bamboo material can be knit, dyed, rolled, and expressed in a variety of ways.
Its luxurious and gorgeous appearance makes it a popular material for gifts. After use, it can be used as a small container, and also has an aspect as an eco-friendly package.


leaf productBAMLEE

A convenient supporting role for wrapping, placing, and garnishing food.
Bamboo bark" still retains the usage inherited from our ancestors. Bamboo grass" adds color to foodstuffs.
The leafy material is the starting point of packaging, which has been a part of Japan's food culture for centuries. In recent years, we also offer a wide variety of cut products in uniform sizes.


Resin Productsresina

Original products made from our point of view to let you feel the goodness of natural materials.
This is an unprecedented concept product that emphasizes texture and usability similar to natural materials.
It is also a material that can satisfy customers who handle natural materials for the first time, or those who have difficulty using natural materials.



Brand Introduction

BAMLEEPioneer in natural containers

These products are made mainly from earth-friendly natural materials, created using technology and ideas cultivated over many years.
The rustic and warm expression effectively complements foodstuffs.

hfourFusion of natural and functional materials

The brand name is derived from the four H's of homely, "health," "heartwarming," and "hospitality."
With "homely, healthy, heartwarming hospitality" as its keywords, the brand offers an unprecedented proposal that draws out the appeal of natural materials with hybrid materials.

EpicPaper containers with natural patterns

A paper container that thoroughly pursues convenience and functionality.
Natural patterns that look like the real thing stimulate the emotions of the recipient.
We offer a wide range of environmentally friendly products.

resinaResin products combining texture and convenience

With the keyword of "natural materials more easily", this is an original product that expresses the charm of natural materials by replacing them with modern materials, expressing the texture and handmade feeling of materials in three dimensions. Our products, which are not only visually appealing but also easy to use, provide not only texture but also peace of mind.

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